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Waltz Of The Wizard Sees VR Sales Record From $2 Discount On Oculus Quest

Waltz Of The Wizard Sees VR Sales Record From $2 Discount On Oculus Quest

A one-day sale for Waltz of the Wizard Extended Edition on Oculus Quest resulted in a VR sales record for development studio Aldin Dynamics.

The game typically sells for $9.99 but on Saturday it was discounted by 20 percent for a one-day discount. As of this writing, it sits at #7 on the top selling list for Quest.

“We’ve never made as much in a single day on any other platform,” Aldin CEO Hrafn Thorisson wrote in a direct message. “Every Quest sale has brought in greater revenue than the last.”

That’s a notable achievement for a random Saturday in July from a studio that’s had some version of Waltz available on the VR market since 2016 on PC-based systems, and since 2019 for PSVR. In recent weeks, Aldin added major new features to the Quest version of Waltz of the Wizard, including hand tracking throughout the entire game and a super cool feature that adds a magical slingshot extending from your fingers.

A number of VR studios have pointed toward Christmas day as bringing them single-day sales records as new headset owners look to load up their systems with content. The high revenue mark in mid-July, though, points to the likelihood Facebook continues to ship a lot of Quests even outside the holidays, and that buyers seem to be responding to the small number of sales and discounts available for games on the highly curated storefront.

“I wish we could make more of them faster during this period,” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in April. “I’m quite pleased with how Quest is doing and I wish we could make more of them.”

We interviewed Thorisson recently about the addition of hand tracking to Waltz of the Wizard and you can check out that discussion here:

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