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Waltz Of The Wizard Quest 2 vs Quest 1 Graphics Comparison

Waltz Of The Wizard Quest 2 vs Quest 1 Graphics Comparison

Waltz of the Wizard has been updated to include several visual enhancements specifically for Oculus Quest 2, ahead of the headset’s launch later this month. Let’s take a look at the changes in our Waltz of the Wizard graphics comparison!

The changes are available as part of a new patch, v1.5, detailed on the game’s Discord server. Even better, the update is already available to download, which means Quest 2 users will be able to try out Waltz of the Wizard with hardware-specific enhancements from day one, right on launch. In fact, we’ve already had a quick go at the update ourselves. Check out some of that footage below.

Waltz of the Wizard Graphics Comparison

Here’s a summary of the changes from the Waltz of the Wizard discord:

Improved fidelity on Oculus Quest 2 makes the world more believable and magical with real-time lights and true post-processing for realistic glow effects, greater number of interactive objects, more particle effects, increased world detail, and more. It also offers a Super Resolution mode which increases resolution to 150% for crystal-clear visuals, truly showcasing what the Quest 2 display is capable of.

The full list of changes for Quest 2, as per the patch notes, include:

  • Added real bloom
  • Added realtime lights on various spells and objects
  • Added Super Resolution Mode that increases resolution to 150%
  • Turned anisotropic textures on
  • Added more objects in Main Room
  • Improved various particle/spell effects
  • Added decals scattered around the Main Room, like spider webs
  • Added fire particles to torches in the Labyrinth

There’s also some general improvements that apply to both the original Quest and Quest 2, including improvements to the baked lighting and shadows, as well as the textures and quality of some objects.

The Oculus Quest 2 is a more powerful headset with lots of specification bumps compared to the original Oculus Quest. It launches October 13 and available in $299 and $399 models at 64GB and 256GB sizes respectively. While all Quest content will work across both headsets (for now, at least), developers are already taking advantage of the beefier specs — check out our comparison between Saints & Sinners on both headsets.

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