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The Walking Dead: Our World Is An AR Game Like Pokemon Go With Zombies

The Walking Dead: Our World Is An AR Game Like Pokemon Go With Zombies

Everyone wants to strike AR gold like Niantic Labs did with Pokemon Go. The craze may have died down considerably in the past year but that doesn’t discount the phenomenon itself. When Pokemon Go launched it took over the world like nothing has before and even changed the ways that businesses had to operate. Another developers Next Games in partnership with AMC are hoping to tap another red hot entertainment property in The Walking Dead by creating what they hope is the next great mobile AR game.

The Walking Dead: Our World aims to tap into the same type of location-based gameplay that made Pokemon Go such a sensation. In the debut trailer (embedded below) we’ve got the first look at the upcoming game and plenty of flashy production values have been splashed across the footage to make it look a whole lot more exciting than it actually is.

“With The Walking Dead, you’re always wondering what the world would be line [sic] in your location,” says Mikael Achren, creative director at Next Games to Rolling Stone. “I always wonder what the world would be in Helsinki. It’s one of the biggest questions fans of the show have. This will give you insight into what is happening in your own neighborhood.”

According to the article, you’ll not only run into zombies around your own neighborhood in The Walking Dead: Our World, but you can even come across digital recreations of Rick, Daryl, and Michonne from the popular AMC television series as well. The gameplay seems to be a lot more action-packed than the likes of Pokemon Go, as you have to actually aim your weapons (like grenades, swords, and guns) and shoot at zombies in real-time as they shuffle towards you. The idea is that the phone will know where you are and deliver content that’s appropriate to your location and (ideally) let you see zombies moving around in your world as if they were really there.

The Walking Dead: Our World does not currently have a release date but it is intended to be free-to-play with optional microtransactions. We also know that VR games based on The Walking Dead are in development as well, but details on those projects are still scarce.

What do you think of this new The Walking Dead AR game? Let us know down in the comments below!

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