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Original Gothic: Inside Walkabout's Christmas Vacation Makeover

Original Gothic: Inside Walkabout's Christmas Vacation Makeover

Walkabout Mini Golf course Original Gothic takes a big twist at the 10th hole.

While the first nine holes play out above ground in a Haunted Mansion-like courtyard, the back nine start at the doorway to the gigantic castle that’s been looming nearby. With your first shot, the ball drops through a slat in the ground to drop onto a green way down below. Players can then make their way down a long stairway to find out where their ball landed. While many Walkabout players will have a memory of this journey, not as many scored below par across all 18 holes to access the night version of this same trip.

In the video embedded below Walkabout Mini Golf creator Lucas Martell tours Original Gothic at night. Redecorated for Christmas festivities, the developers at Mighty Coconut nod to National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation with the key moment at the 10th hole when you reach the bottom of the stairs and find out what your next shot looks like.

“We get to take a few more risks knowing that the hard modes don’t tend to be as played and they don’t tend to be the ones that new players experience first,” Martell said.  “The day mode was already creepy, and if we had gone full night mode with that, I don’t know that this would’ve been a pleasant place to just hang out in. So we used this as an opportunity to…capitalize on a different holiday spirit…I think that now that we have a lot more courses, we’re definitely starting to take some bigger swings because it feels like with these first few courses, we really needed to establish okay, walkabout is chill, it’s fun, it’s a peaceful, pleasant place to be.”

Original Gothic is one of four courses added after initial launch to the core purchase of Walkabout Mini Golf.

We’re continuing to build out our walkthroughs of Walkabout Mini Golf’s courses with its creators at Mighty Coconut. You can get a pretty deep dive into the design of one of VR’s best games in the full course tour playlist embedded below which starts with the game’s first-ever course and continuing to the game’s most recent paid expansions, including Atlantis, Labyrinth, and 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea.


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