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New Walkabout Mini Golf Sweetopia DLC Includes 36 Holes

New Walkabout Mini Golf Sweetopia DLC Includes 36 Holes

Walkabout Mini Golf has a new DLC course available now with a sickly sweet theme and 36 new holes to play.

Sweetopia, the new paid DLC course for the popular VR mini golf game, is available now with 36 new holes included. As you can probably tell, this level is all about candy and sweet treats. It’s a world of sugar and golf – what a pairing!

Walkabout confirmed recently that Sweetopia would be a paid DLC release but is not part of the Lost Cities series of maps, which began with the Garden of Babylon DLC last November. So while Sweetopia is a brief reprise away from that theme, we can still expect more city-based DLC to arrive at some point in the future as well. Here’s the official description for the Sweetopia DLC from developer Mighty Coconut:

Discover a fantastical world of decadence where you and up to four friends can frolic in a sugary fantasyland of enormous confectionery favorites. Putt your way through gooey, colorful, and mouth watering obstacles across 36 holes in Macaroon Meadows, the Mallow Marsh, the Garden of Gummi Delights, Hard Candy Mountains, and more!

While Sweetopia and other recent DLC releases have all been paid, Walkabout’s social media account also didn’t rule out more free content at some point in the year. “[Sweetopia] is a paid DLC course, yes,” said the account in a recent reply tweet, “but 2022 may have base game additions and other DLC courses too. Who knows what we have in store!”

Walkabout has consistently pumped out new free and paid content since release and we’ve rated it as one of the best multiplayer experiences available on Quest. That being said, the game is also available on PC VR with crossplay, so you can hit the green with your friends across different platforms.

The Sweetopia DLC course is out now for Walkabout Mini Golf on Quest and PC VR. 

Article substantially updated from its original version that was published on February 9, 2022, to mark the release of the Sweetopia paid DLC.

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