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Walkabout Mini Golf Adds Gardens Of Babylon DLC Course On Quest & Steam

Walkabout Mini Golf Adds Gardens Of Babylon DLC Course On Quest & Steam

Walkabout Mini Golf added the Gardens of Babylon DLC course on Quest and Steam as part of its new Lost Cities series.

Check out the trailer for the serene new course available as a $2.99 add-on in one of VR’s best social experiences. The developers at Mighty Coconut priced the new course with the expectation of eventually bundling the Lost Cities series as a pack. The plan is to ramp up development to one new course a month, and the developers say they have “a LOT of courses in development,” according to an update on the company’s Discord.

“It’s no fun when only a small percentage of an already small number of VR users have certain courses to play together. So the hope is that most people won’t have to pick and choose which courses to get, they’ll just slowly build up their library over time,” an update on Discord explains. “Some courses will be one-offs, others like the Lost Cities series will eventually get bundled as a pack, but we’ve decided it’s better to release them one at a time on a more regular basis. We also won’t be exclusively doing Lost Cities until they’re all out, we’ll drop a one-off course and maybe even start another series before the last of the Lost Cities levels release to mix things up and try some fun new things.”

We interviewed Mighty Coconut’s Lucas Martell earlier this year about the development of a title which originally got its start as an iPhone game.

The plan is to continue the series with other “legendary places throughout mythology” planned as future courses in Walkabout Mini Golf throughout 2022. Walkabout isn’t the only golf game on Quest 2 with an update this week — Golf+ also released with full swing courses.

You can find Walkabout Mini Golf on Steam and the Quest store with cross-play supported across headsets. The game typically sells for around $14.99.

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