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Walkabout Mini Golf Adds 8th Course, Featuring New Wind Mechanics

Walkabout Mini Golf Adds 8th Course, Featuring New Wind Mechanics

Walkabout Mini Golf adds a new course today called Quixote Valley, available on all supported platforms in a free update.

The course is the game’s eighth, with both a day and night mode available. As you can see from the screenshots and teaser trailer, Quixote Valley is set among a rocky cluster of quaint windmills, a classic staple of most real life mini golf course. In Quixote Valley, you won’t just be dealing with one or two flimsy windmills though — there’s a whole fleet of them to contend with here.

walkabout mini golf quixote valley course

However, the new map also brings with it some appropriate new mechanics. You can’t have windmills without wind, so you can expect to face a bit more resistance from the forces of nature on this map, thanks to the new wind mechanics.  In select areas of the new map, players will now have to account for wind potentially affecting the trajectory of the ball when lining up their shot.

Walkabout Mini Golf started its life as a mobile game, before being ported over to Oculus Quest for release in late 2020. A SteamVR release followed this year in July, with support for cross-platform play. Starting with just four courses at launch, this latest content update rounds out the selection to eight maps, with normal and hard variations for each.

walkabout mini golf quixote valley course

Back in July, Lucas Martell, lead developer of Walkabout Mini Golf, told us that Quixote Valley would be the last course added to the base game as a free update. Future maps will arrive in small DLC packages, the first of which will includes three courses and is already being worked on.

The Quixote Valley update is available now for Walkabout Mini Golf on Oculus Quest and PC VR via Steam.

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