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Indie VR Devs Create $19 'Waiting For App Lab' Bundle For Quest

Indie VR Devs Create $19 'Waiting For App Lab' Bundle For Quest

Until February 16th you can grab nearly $100 worth of Oculus Quest VR games for $19 in this DRM-free collection of 12 indie games that are currently awaiting approval on the new Oculus App Lab portal. The ‘Waiting For App Lab’ bundle is out now!

waiting on app lab oculus quest bundle thumbnail

If you buy the bundle you will of course get immediate access to all 12 games via You’ll need to use SideQuest to sideload them onto your Quest to play, but that’s an easy process. Or if you don’t mind waiting, once these games are on App Lab, everyone that buys this bundle will also get an Oculus key for their support.

Here is the full list of 12 VR games for Quest included in the ‘Waiting for App Lab’ bundle that are all submitted to App Lab, pending approval. If you bought all 12 of these games right now it would cost you $93, but they’re collected in this bundle for just $19:

Waiting for App Lab Quest VR Games Bundle

Crazy Kung Fu, from Field of Vision (typically $10)

Disc Benders: Ace Run, from GamerBoyAdvanced (typically $10)

Evryway Visualiser, from Evryway (typically $4.20)

Jigsaw 360, from JumbliVR (typically $2)

Peco Peco, from Bentham Realities (typically $9)

Perpetuum Mobile, from Petrus-Games (typically $3, with a free demo)

Realms of Eternity, from VRKemono (typically $10)

Sep’s Diner, from Scale-1 Portal (typically $9)

Song Beat: Quite My Tempo!, from Playito (typically $15)

SpaceWalk VR Experience, from ForthInteract (typically $7)

The Final Overs, from Mixeal (typically $10)

Speed Cube XR, from A1igator (typically $5)

You’ll be getting Early Access to them right now and then also getting access to the App Lab versions once they’re available. That’s a pretty sweet deal.


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