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VRX: Where Are Investors Placing Their Bets In VR And AR?

VRX: Where Are Investors Placing Their Bets In VR And AR?

From media hype to marketing talk, it’s easy to get lost in what’s really happening in XR. On one hand, the barriers to entry are dropping with every technological innovation and XR applications are making waves in enterprise.

On the other, perceived lack of mass consumer adoption is causing some to hold back their efforts, as the industry cautiously navigates the heightened expectations. In such uncertain times, the necessity for companies to understand where and when to invest their resources is becoming increasingly important.

So where are the investors putting their money? Where are the analysts seeing the demand? What do the numbers really tell us?

On Wednesday October 24, VRX hosts a webinar with investors and analysts from HP Tech Ventures, Boost VC and SuperData, to look at where the real opportunities and gaps are to exploit. Putting hype aside to focus on the market realities of immersive reality, the panel of experts will dive deep into the data to decipher what’s real, what’s hype and what the future of XR really looks like.

See full details and register for this free XR market opportunities webinar here

XR decision-makers around the world are pondering many of the same questions, which the webinar will explore – such as:

  • Where is the primary market demand for new XR tech, solutions and experiences?
  • Where’s the majority of investment going – and why?
  • What’s stopping XR advancing as quickly as it could be – and what opportunities does this provide?

Panelists on the webinar feature the people who dedicate their work to understanding where the smart money is going in XR and what real challenges and opportunities are facing the industry.

  • Angelo Del-Priore, Partner, HP Tech Ventures
  • Maddie Callander, Director of Operations, Boost VC
  • Stephanie Llamas, VP of Strategy and Head of XR, SuperData

Discussion chaired by: Amy Peck, Founder & CEO, EndeavorVR

Register for this free XR market webinar here. It’s on Wednesday October 24 @ 10am PT – and if you can’t join live, register now to receive the recordings later.

Disclosure: This is partner content that has been produced in conjunction with VRX and VR Intelligence. UploadVR is a media partner for the event. 

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