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Watch: VRWorkout Devs Share Foot Tracking Test Using Quest And Mobile Phone

Watch: VRWorkout Devs Share Foot Tracking Test Using Quest And Mobile Phone

The developers behind VRWorkout, the hand tracking workout experience that released on Quest last year, shared a new video showing progress on providing foot tracking on Quest using just the headset and a mobile phone.

The demonstration points to how the devs could expand VRWorkout beyond just hand tracking to include different types of workout routines that can incorporate and track more parts of your body.

The video shows the user completing a workout in a beta version of the app on Quest, where hand exercises are supplemented with a section that requires the user to stand on one foot and move the other to hit the approaching marks. It’s a bit like Beat Saber, but without the techno music and you’re using your feet.

It’s worth noting that the exercise shown in the video is purely a test and not indicative of what a finalized version would look like that. For now, this is just a proof-of-concept to show how the concept could function. Of course, it’s still an interesting demo because it’s all done with equipment you should already have, provided you own a Quest. There’s no PC required — it just uses the Quest headset and a phone set up across the room, which communicates with the app and is used for the feet tracking data using the phone’s cameras to track the feet as they move. The phone uses purely the on-board cameras too — there’s no iPhone Pro LiDAR or similar at work here.

So while this is just a concept for now — and we’ve seen some other interesting uses for feet-tracking — we’ll be curious to see how quickly this kind of system might evolve.

You can read more about VRWorkout here or download the app (without foot tracking, for now) via App Lab for Quest. A PC VR version is also available on Steam, but will require either a hand tracking-enabled headset or attaching the controllers to your wrists.

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