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VRFC Gets AI Support, Sports Bar VR Bundle And More

VRFC Gets AI Support, Sports Bar VR Bundle And More

Summer’s nearly here, so it’s time to start looking for excuses to stay indoors rather than heading outside to get some exercise. VR Football Club might be just what the doctor ordered.

Cherry Pop Games’ ambitious VR football simulator (or soccer, for those that like things to be incorrect), this month got a new update adding some big new features to the game. For starters, there’s now support for AI bots, meaning you can head to the pitch even when your friends aren’t around. This is an especially important feature for multiplayer VR games where it’s not always easy to find matches online.

If you’re playing on PC then there’s also a major new addition in room-scale support, allowing you to take advantage of the space around you (though definitely shut the cat in the bedroom). Finally, there’s also head facing controls for those that prefer it, greatly enhancing your control on the pitch.

If you’re on PC then VRFC remains in Early Access for now, while over on the EU PlayStation Store the game is currently 50% off. Not only that but you can now pick the game up on PS4 through a bundle that includes Cherry Pop’s original VR game, Sports Bar VR.

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