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VRecap #4: LA Noire PSVR, Mitchell Moves And Win No Man's Sky!

VRecap #4: LA Noire PSVR, Mitchell Moves And Win No Man's Sky!

Hey, you. Yes, you. Tear yourself away from No Man’s Sky for a second; it’s time for the VRecap.

Yes Hello Games’ hugely anticipated VR update hit this week. But, as you’ll likely know, things haven’t gone according to plan so far. Surprisingly, we’re not just talking No Man’s Sky this week; Oculus is saying goodbye to its last co-founder and the cat might be out of the bag on LA Noire for PSVR.

Then, as usual, we’ll round up some of the biggest new releases which, yes, does include No Man’s Sky. It’s also a pretty big week for Quest fans with not one but three new games. Who has the money for that?

Oh and we’re doing another giveaway! Can you guess what might be up for grabs this week? If you said Pinball FX2, you’re wrong. It’s No Man’s Sky. Did you know No Man’s Sky got VR support this week? News to us. We’ve got five SteamVR codes up for grabs for all you Rift, Vive, Index and Windows VR fans.

Anyway, we’re onto recap number 4 now and things seem to be going pretty smoothly. Still, we’re all ears if you have suggestions about how to change the show for the better. We are not all ears for nasty comments, though. In fact, we specifically close our ears for that. Don’t do those.

Have a great weekend! Maybe set an alarm for Sunday night otherwise you might find you jump out of No Man’s Sky midway through Monday.

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