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The VRecap #3: More No Man's Sky, Steam's Top Headsets & VR Birds

The VRecap #3: More No Man's Sky, Steam's Top Headsets & VR Birds

We’re back with another roundup of this week’s news, and it’s not all just No Man’s Sky Beyond related!

The last seven days have been pretty exciting, haven’t they? That’s right, all of the No Man’s Sky goodness came out this week including our Beyond Preview, its price reduction and the trailer drop. But that’s not all that’s going on in the world of VR – the Rift S and Valve Index are making healthy dents in Steam’s July Hardware Survey, Samsung might be giving up on GearVR, and in retrospective all of Nintendo’s secrets were in plain sight. Is some of this news to you? Check out this week’s VRecap below.

This week’s giveaway competition is for eight Quest and two Steam Ninja Legends codes! For a chance to win one of those, head on over to the competition page. This is a vicious-looking combat game with razor sharp swords and more.

I know I said there was more going on in the world of VR other than the No Man’s Sky Beyond update, but man oh man I cannot wait to jump onto one of the many cute – and quite disgusting – creatures and ride off into the sunset. That’s it, that’s my retirement plan.

That’s about it from me! Need to catch up on the past couple weeks’ news? Here’s VRecap #1 voiced by Senior Editor Jamie Feltham, and #2 by moi. Liked or even loved the show? Leave comments for us on YouTube and down below! Didn’t like it or think we missed out something? Watch it again and think agai- Sorry, I mean leave us some constructive criticism! I’ll catch you next week to catch up on the top stories of the week, but until then stay tuned with UploadVR!

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