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The VRecap #2: No Man's Sky Release Date, Star Trek Arcade And Win RADtv!

The VRecap #2: No Man's Sky Release Date, Star Trek Arcade And Win RADtv!

Welcome back to the VRecap, our weekly news roundup show!

You know, VR’s a tricky one. You go the first three days of the week with virtually no news and then, suddenly, you find yourself being inundated with release dates, reveals and free games. We’ve got a smattering of each to catch you up on this week, including a look at a new Star Trek VR arcade game, a trip to SIGGRAPH, and OC6 news. Oh, and there’s some new info on a little game by the name of No Man’s Sky Beyond.

Meanwhile, you can also watch along for a chance to win one of this week’s biggest VR releases: RADtv. This manic hot-seat multiplayer game provides some madcap fun, so it’s the perfect choice for any weekend VR parties you might be hosting. Make sure to check out our review right here, too. As always, we’ve got a look at your best comments from the week and an overview of all of the latest releases.

Also, just in case you were wondering, no, that’s not Jamie making his voice sound different. That’s me, Zeena! I stitch all this stuff together so I deserve a little airtime.

Miss last week’s episode? You can get it right here. Like the show? Let us know! Didn’t like the show? Get los– okay no, let us know too with some constructive criticism. We’re still building this out to be the most snappy, helpful news source out there, so we’re all ears on how we could do better. We’ll see you next week for more VR madness!

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