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VRChat Plus, Paid Subscription Option, Now Available On Steam

VRChat Plus, Paid Subscription Option, Now Available On Steam

VRChat is introducing a new way to support the service titled VRChat Plus – a paid subscription option that will give you some extra features as thanks for your ongoing support of the platform.

The service was announced in late November and is now available on Steam, with other platforms to follow later. This ‘Early Supporter Phase’ on Steam will give you a bonus the first time you sign up, depending on which subscription option you choose. The 1-month subscription, available for $9.99/month, will give you one bonus month of VRChat Plus, while the 1-year subscription, available for $99.99/year, will give you three bonus months.

VRChat Plus comes with many extra features, including custom user icons, more avatar slots, a support badge and “increased Trust.” A lot these VRChat Plus benefits also happen to improve existing features for standard users as well — for example, the custom user icons for VRChat Plus users are an additional part of a whole new nameplate system which all users will have access too. Likewise, VRChat Plus users will get 100 avatar slots, but regular users will also now be upgraded to 25 slots.

VRChat Plus will also slightly give you a slightly higher trust rank, which VRChat says “means more of your avatar features are visible by default.” This is just the beginning of Plus features, which the team is actively developing and will include features like “enhanced invite messaging, UI skinning, and more.”

You can read more about the VRChat Plus features and how to get started with a subscription over on the VRChat site.

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