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UploadVR Launches New YouTube Channel: VR Game Trailers & Clips

UploadVR Launches New YouTube Channel: VR Game Trailers & Clips

What? UploadVR’s YouTube output is evolving!

Yep, today we’re launching the ultimate dedicated VR trailers channel: VR Game Trailers & Clips.

VR Trailers Feature

VR Game Trailers & Clips will feature officially released trailers and footage straight from developers and publishers themselves. Expect an encyclopedia of content and the ultimate destination for VR trailers. This decision comes from the much-needed separation between our original content on the official UploadVR channel and the daily stream of incredible third-party content developers release.

So, yes, we’ll still be bringing you great original content on our existing channel.

Where will which videos be posted?

With this change, VR Game Trailers and Clips will feature: game trailers, officially released gameplay from developers, dev diaries, and demo footage released straight from the source.

Over on the official UploadVR channel we will continue to release:

You can get a better idea from our trailer below.

Alongside this big shift in content, you can expect a new push in original series and videos on our official UploadVR channel.

Make sure to subscribe to VR Game Trailers & Clips to keep up to date with the latest trailers, officially released clips and footage of gameplay, hardware and more. While you’re at it, subscribe to the official UploadVR YouTube channel, too, if you haven’t already!

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