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WATCH: Oculus Quest VR Power Accessory Unboxing And Installation

WATCH: Oculus Quest VR Power Accessory Unboxing And Installation

Rebuff Reality’s VR Power accessory for Oculus Quest has been on my mind since CES in January. Our initial impressions suggested it could make the headset usable for some people who have trouble with the weight and fitting of the headset.

Now we’ve finally got our hands on the counterweight and battery pack for an extended period. We’re working on our product review but, in the meantime, we wanted to give you a sneak peek at the VR Power and how it connects to the Oculus Quest.

If you ordered your VR Power last month, you should be receiving it soon. If you want to order one today, however, the expected delivery date is tentatively pushed out all the way to April 30, 2020, and they’ve stopped accepting new orders outside North America. Rebuff Reality says they’ve temporarily stopped taking orders from some places due to Coronavirus affecting production and availability. According to Rebuff, they hope to ship again earlier than April 30 but say they don’t want to miss their next ship date and so they set it for a conservative estimate. The Coronavirus is also impacting many VR companies such as Valve and Facebook and also causing big cancellations at upcoming conferences such as the Mobile World Congress and the Game Developers Conference. All of Rebuff Reality’s other products are in stock, and they are planning to launch a Kickstarter for the VR Ears off-ear audio accessory for Quest in March.

In the video embedded above, I go over the contents of the package, as well as installing the VR Power on my Oculus Quest. It took a little bit of work to figure out the wires, but overall, it’s a very easy installation process. 

Stay tuned for our full review of the VR Power! Let us know if you’ll be ordering one in the comments below.

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