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VR Power Accessory For Oculus Quest 'Heavily Backordered'

VR Power Accessory For Oculus Quest 'Heavily Backordered'

The VR Power accessory for Oculus Quest appears to be in high demand and a new email from Rebuff Reality, the company behind the add-on, provides an update on shipping expectations.

Shortly after this year’s CES we ordered the VR Power accessory ourselves to properly review the product after our initial impressions. The accessory attaches to the Oculus Quest strap in the back of the head and connects to the headset to provide backup power and operate as a counterweight with better balance for the headset’s fitting. We placed our order on Jan. 15 and received an email today stating “You should be receiving your order in the next two weeks. If you have placed an order of VR Power in the last week, it is possible you may incur further shipping delays as the first shipment of VR Power from our manufacturer has been completely sold out.”

Rebuff Reality’s website today lists the expected shipping date for new orders as Feb. 20. In case you missed it, VR Power and the company’s VR Ears accessory were both nominees for our Best of Show and People’s Choice Awards at CES

VR Power delay website
A screenshot of Rebuff Reality’s website reflecting the new ship date.

This isn’t the first backorder we’ve seen in virtual reality recently. The Valve Index has been out of stock for some time, but is expected to ship again before the release of Half-Life Alyx. Just last week, ship dates from the official Facebook site for Oculus Quest in the United States were pushed back to March.

Article originally published January 22, and updated January 24 with the following email received via email from Sciacchetano: “Essentially the first shipment of VR Power has been completely sold out and people who have placed an order prior to one week ago should be receiving their order before the end of January. For orders placed in the last week we are still working to calculate the shipdate as we have not yet received the shipment from our manufacturer ourselves however it is on the way to us already. Bear in mind there is always the risk it gets stuck in customs or has some other issue however we have updated the website shipdate to February 20th for all new orders and are confident we will hit this date.”

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