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VR Platformer Yupitergrad Swings Onto PSVR Next Week

VR Platformer Yupitergrad Swings Onto PSVR Next Week

Yupitergrad is a wacky VR platformer that has you swinging across bizarre space stations with plunger grappling hooks! Yes, it’s weird, but it works, and it’s coming to PSVR next week! Digital version hits February 25th and a physical disc version is out on March 12th.

For the most part, this is about as close as we’ve gotten to Spider-Man in VR yet. There may not be any webs to spin or swing from, but it nails the thrill of the moveset just fine still.

In Yupitergrad, instead of shooting webs you shoot plungers out of hand launchers that stick onto surfaces. From there, you can reel yourself in and swing with momentum through the air. Since this is in space, it’s no surprise that gravity isn’t as strong so you can get a lot of air as you fling through the lonely corridors of a Russian space station.

It’s a smooth and fun game that we gave a ‘Good’ rating in our review. The PSVR version should bring over the same wacky and high-flying fun as the PC and Quest version of the game, although we haven’t played it yet. Presumably it should be a good fit since the PS Move controllers functionally have all the inputs you’ll need.

It’s a short game, clocking in at just around 2 hours for a straight-through session, but there are Time Attack challenges to keep you coming back and plenty reason to replay levels after the fact as well.

Let us know if you plan on picking Yupitergrad up for PSVR when it drops down in the comments below!

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