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VR MMO Zenith Surpassese $200K In Kickstarter Funding, Over 800% Of Target Amount

VR MMO Zenith Surpassese $200K In Kickstarter Funding, Over 800% Of Target Amount

Zenith is an upcoming VR MMORPG from the developers of Conjure Strike that features a distinct anime-style aesthetic and touts action-focused combat inspired by Beat Saber.

The Kickstarter still has about two weeks left to go but it’s already earned over $200,000 reaching more than 800% of its targeted $25,000 goal between over 2,300 backers. That’s a lot.

Watch The Kickstarter Trailer for Zenith:

The original $25,000 goal was extremely low and I frankly had trouble believing an MMO even remotely like the one they were promising would be possible on that sort of budget — even if they have additional outside funding. But 10x that amount? Now you’ve got my attention.

Since Zenith surged through the original target in just four hours it has gone on to surpass six of its seven planned stretch goals, including: in-game familiars, a ‘Ramen Review livestream by the develoeprs’ player vendors for selling goods, player housing customization, transmogs for visual customizatoin, and a new playable race. The only stretch goal left at the $250,000 mark is a level editor.

Zenith is ambitiously targeting not only PC VR headsets like Rift, Vive, and Index, but PSVR and Oculus Quest as well and it will also be playable on non-VR PC setups. Plus, they’re planning for fully compatible cross-play between all devices and PC at once, similar to OrbusVR, VRChat, and Rec Room.

As exciting and epic as Zenith sounds, I will stress that this is a Kickstarter which means that not only is the game ever actually getting released guaranteed, but the core developers are relatively untested generally speaking since they’ve never shipped a game together of this scale and they’re a very small team. That being said, I’m pretty optimistic.

Currently the “Estimated Delivery” date is August 2020, but I’ve followed enough Kickstarters to know that probably actually means alpha by that date and maybe a full launch or wide Early Access release on PC by Spring 2021 if I had to guess.

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