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VR Giants Brings Asymmetric Co-Op Platforming To PC VR

VR Giants key art

VR Giants is an asymmetrical puzzle platformer bringing co-op action to Steam in early access.

Developed by Risa Interactive, VR Giants was initially conceived in 2017 for a master thesis exploring body presence in virtual reality. Played off the same PC, you play as the Giant in VR to help the smaller player reach higher platforms, the latter being controlled by a standard gamepad. Working together to secure your freedom, this early access version features 19 levels, 3 Giant types and 4 biomes.

“The game is designed to be accessible to players of all skill levels, allowing
for fun experiences with friends, family, or significant others,” confirms Wolfgang Tschauko, Risa Interactive's founder and lead developer in a prepared statement. You can find the official gameplay description below:

The giant (Goliath) can help the tiny player (David) to cross abysses or reach higher platforms by offering his body as a bridge. David is highly vulnerable to fire, spikes and other dangers so Goliath must protect David. Only David can collect coins to open gates but requires the assistance of the giant Goliath to do so. The giant Goliath is bound by a chain and thereby his movement is limited to a specific play area. David can summon Goliath to new play areas. Step by step they are progressing through the levels and rescue their lost sheep.

VR Giants is available now on Steam for $17.99. In an early access FAQ, Risa states the final release includes additional levels, an outro to conclude the main story, further optimization and various visual/audio improvements.

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