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Onward's Community Running eSports Championship This Weekend

Onward's Community Running eSports Championship This Weekend

Quality games throughout various genres are sprouting up all over VR’s ecosystem, but we’re only just on the verge of getting major multiplayer experiences. Echo Arena looks poised to find a foothold in the competitive sporting event genre and it looks like a highly regarded VR shooter is ready to make big splash for VR eSports. Realistic military shooter Onward is hosting a tournament this weekend with some exclusive, limited edition peripherals available as prizes.

Onward, sitting at a rating of “Very Positive” overall and with over 1500 reviews on Steam, is a military simulator built by a college dropout. The game’s community has continued to grow since its release August of last year and they’ve cultivated a league which will be holding its global championship series July 15th and 16th.

The tournament layout is as follows:

  • Group Stages – 8 teams (Round robin) (July 15th)
  • Semi-Final – 4 teams (Single Elimination, best of 3) (July 16th)
  • Final (Single Elimination, best of 5) (July 16th)

Newer players were able to participate in a wild card bracket back on July 8th so, if you haven’t established yourself within the community by the next time they have a tournament, there will be options for you.

The exclusive prizes for those that conquer the brackets are provided by ProTubeVR, a company that creates adaptable peripherals that enhance VR play and immersion. They’re specifically giving out their customizable rifle stocks that increase precision and are highly coveted by the Onward community, though they could certainly be used for other VR titles.

The Onward Master League will be streaming on Twitch and you can also keep track of the winners and losers on their web page throughout the weekend.

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