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Silicone Covers For Oculus Quest And Rift S Now Available From VR Cover

Silicone Covers For Oculus Quest And Rift S Now Available From VR Cover

VR Cover just revealed this week that they’ve launched new products for Oculus headsets: silicone covers for both the Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift S.

Personally I have the Foam Replacement Slim for my Oculus Quest and couldn’t be happier. The Quest silicone cover is a bit different, obviously, and cheaper. Rather than replacing the original foam pad with something a bit thicker and more protected with an outer layer, the silicone cover slides on over the original face pad as a protective sanitary barrier.

The same type of sanitary silicone cover is available for the PC VR-based Oculus Rift S as well. Just like the Quest one it’s wipable and washable for easy cleaning.

If you have sensitive skin, VR Cover explains that shouldn’t be an issue:

“As oiled silicone can cause unwanted skin reactions, we have used high quality medical grade silicone which is unoiled, hypoallergenic and safe on the skin.”

With the rise in popularity of active VR games such as Pistol Whip and Supernatural, in addition to popular games like Beat Saber, sweating in VR is an inevitability for most at this point. Covers like these are crucial steps to maintain cleanliness.

If you’re looking for something to purely function as a hygenic barrier on your Quest that keeps it clean and is easy to wash, then the silicone cover could be a great option. We have not tried these ourselves, but have had good experiences with other VR Cover products — that’s why they’re regularly on our lists of best VR accessories.

Let us know what you think down in the comments below!

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