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VRChat Paid Creator Subscriptions Enter Full Release

VRChat paid subscription screenshot

Following a short open beta, VRChat paid creator subscriptions are now officially available.

Available for all users, VRChat is allowing creators to link content subscriptions directly through Udon. Using VRChat Credits purchased with real-life money, subscriptions can be bought for one month, three months or a year, granting direct access to subscriber-only content. That includes 'VIP rooms,' special items or priority/exclusive access to events.

Though buying options are available for everyone, selling subscriptions is currently limited to approved creators. That hasn't changed despite entering full release, though VRChat confirmed more creators will be gradually admitted. "We're taking it step by step to ensure everything runs smoothly, but soon, everyone can join in as a seller," states the team.

Regarding revenue split, the developer revealed that 50% will go towards creators. 30% will cover the charge imposed by individual platforms, such as Meta and Steam, which leaves the remaining 20% for VRChat and its partners. However, the blog post does advise these numbers are "approximate."

As for what's next, VRChat calls paid subscriptions the "first step in a long-term plan" in building a 'Creator Economy' with plans to expand creator tools in the near future. While the studio says they aren't ready to fully share its future plans just yet, more information will be revealed in a developer update on January 18.

Notice: This article, originally published on November 23, 2023, was updated on December 5, 2023 to reflect the full release.

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