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VoxSys Makes You An Intergalactic Champion This Year On Quest & PC VR

VoxSys Steam version screenshot

VoxSys is a new co-op arena shooter where you fight to become Intergalactic Champion, available later this year on Quest 2 and PC VR.

Developed by VR Storm Studio, VoxSys is an online shooter with PvP combat. Featuring futuristic weaponry and fully destructible sci-fi arenas, it focuses on "dynamic" building mechanics, letting you build new areas of a map and use "special blocks" for further interactions. Custom maps are also supported through an in-game map editor.


Arriving in early access first, VR Storm Studio states community feedback will enable them to "refine and fine-tune various aspects of the game that may not have been apparent to us during the design and development process," such as gameplay mechanics and the storyline. However, it's currently unclear what's being added when the full version arrives.

Here's an official description from the Steam page:

Step into the future with VoxSys, the exhilarating arena shooter that combines cooperative PvP combat with innovative building mechanics. Strategize and use your cover to your advantage! Destroy your opponents and earn the title of Intergalactic Champion.

VoxSys arrives on Quest 2 and Steam Early Access later this year. According to an FAQ, the developer "expects the game to be in early access for half a year” but confirms it will remain free at full release.

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