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Report: Vive Users Are 95 Percent Male And Spend 5 Hours Per Week in VR

Report: Vive Users Are 95 Percent Male And Spend 5 Hours Per Week in VR

HTC has been conducting surveys about VR in China and now the results are in.

The following data was sourced from “2,500+ participants including 62 percent Vive users and 32 percent non-Vive users,” according to the company. Keep in mind, therefore, that many of the findings will be Vive specific.


There are over a dozen reported findings here but let’s focus on the most interesting first. The report can be accessed here. The first thing that should catch most people’s eye are the findings concerning VR’s gender disparity. According to this study, 95 percent of Vive users and 87 percent of non-Vive VR users were male.

“Both Vive and non-Vive user groups show male users to be the dominant number, with potential for female VR users remaining largely untapped,” the report states.


A second notable result from this survey has to do with how many hours VR users are spending inside their headsets. According to the survey, Vive users on the consumer level are spending around 5 hours in VR per week and those on the enterprise level are spending around 12.

Consumers are apparently gobbling up content very quickly as well. According to the survey, 60 percent of Vive users download between eight and twenty four VR experiences every month.

What do you think of these figures? Do they surprise you? Let us know in the comments below!

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