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Virtuoso Music Maker Comes To Quest And SteamVR In March

Virtuoso Music Maker Comes To Quest And SteamVR In March

Virtuoso’s VR-based music making tools will launch on Meta Quest and SteamVR headsets in March.

The creativity app made by studio Really Interactive fully launches for VR headsets on March 10, 2022. The title is meant to make it super easy to create music in virtual reality and it is the first third-party title published by Fast Travel Games. Previously known for making VR games like Wraith: The Oblivion – Afterlife and Apex Construct, Fast Travel marks the launch of its new publishing arm with Virtuoso.

Virtuoso comes with a number of made-for-VR instruments and tools to record music or remix creations from its community. As an example, the trailer below features a track called “Parade” made by Scandinavian dance music duo Tungevaag & Rabaan that was recreated with Virtuoso:

The app features an interactive tutorial to give creators an overview of the tools for looping sound or syncing tempo, with six made-for-VR instruments and a virtual microphone for recording vocals as well. In response to questions, a Fast Travel representative confirmed creators own the music they create in Virtuoso, with the exception that “if you share it in the community library, you are giving other players a non-exclusive right to use the song and remake it.”

“With the tape recorder you can record a song and export it in your device (it will appear in the folder Download on Quest, or on your Desktop on PC),” Fast Travel’s representative explained.

We’re looking forward to digging into Virtuoso in the weeks ahead with an eye toward how its learning curve extends from those with and without previous experience making music.

You can check out the listings for Virtuoso on the Oculus store for Meta Quest and Steam ahead of its release on March 10.

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