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Virtual Reality: The Newsroom of the Future

Virtual Reality: The Newsroom of the Future

After watching a gripping season three premier of Newsroom on HBO I couldn’t help but imaging how intense it must be in that room when breaking news comes in. The buzz in the air must be intoxicating; to be a part of the action would be quite the experience to remember.

So what will the news look like and sound like in VR? How will massive networks like CNN, FOX, or MSNBC stream their content to a virtual audience?

Companies like NextVR are helping pioneer the capturing and delivering of immersive, high-definition, live and recorded virtual reality experiences.

You may have imagined a world where you can sit courtside at a game or front row of a concert, but have you ever thought what live broadcasted news might be like?

What kind of news would you want to see covered in VR? How do you imagine it might look, and feel? Let’s discuss in the comments below.


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