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Virtual Desktop Reverts Internet Requirement Following Backlash

Virtual Desktop Reverts Internet Requirement Following Backlash

Virtual Desktop no longer requires an Internet connection each session.

Since just after the launch of Oculus Quest in 2019, Guy Godin’s Virtual Desktop has enabled you to play PC VR games via streaming over your home Wi-Fi network (provided you have a gaming PC). Initially rejected by Meta, the feature had to be patched in via SideQuest, but the company eventually relented just before Air Link – its own in-built alternative – was launched.

Earlier this month Godin released an update that boosted PC VR performance by up to 20% but added an Internet connectivity requirement. “This is unfortunate but piracy has become a real problem and this is the only way I can keep bringing you free updates for life. Hope you’ll understand”, Godin told his customers at the time.

But this change led to backlash from some customers, such as those who use a gaming laptop to play PC VR on the go. Godin now says he has “heard the feedback”. The latest update adds a local discovery fallback so you only need an Internet connection once per update, not each time you connect.

The update also fixes compatibility with DCS World and fixes the PC steamer software becoming stuck when you restart your headset.

Virtual Desktop also came to Pico headsets for the launch of Pico 4. The new update is live on Quest and will arrive on Pico when approved.

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