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Virtual Desktop Now Lets You Play PC Games On Oculus Quest With The Touch Controllers

Virtual Desktop Now Lets You Play PC Games On Oculus Quest With The Touch Controllers

Virtual Desktop for Oculus Quest now lets you play your PC games using the Quest’s own Touch controllers.

Previously it was possible to pair an Xbox controller or similar bluetooth gamepad and use it within Virtual Desktop. This feature is also available on the Oculus Go version of the app. But not every Quest owner has a gamepad, and even for those who do pairing it to Quest (instead of the device it’s normally used for) isn’t exactly convenient.

That has now changed. A new option called ‘Use Touch controllers as gamepad’ makes your Touch controllers act as a virtual Xbox controller to your PC. Enabling this setting is done from within VR and it takes just a few seconds to start working. No drivers or complicated setup required.

The update also separates all control related settings into a new Input tab, allowing you to easily see and change Virtual Desktop’s controls, as well as enable gamepad mode.

virtual desktop quest input tab

Since the Quest controllers resemble a gamepad cut in half and have similar input to most gamepads, this emulation works well. You have a total of two thumbsticks, four buttons, a view button, two index triggers, and two grip triggers to use as bumpers. There’s no D-Pad or Start button of course, but the developer is exploring potential solutions for these.

Just like when streaming your desktop you can choose from a variety of environments from a VR-themed home office to a huge virtual cinema. It’s certainly a compelling experience, despite some minor latency issues and occasional frame drops. It hints towards a future where VR and AR headsets could replace our physical monitors entirely.

Virtual Desktop for Quest is priced at $19.99. You can read our review of the similar Oculus Go version here.

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