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Update: Virtual Desktop Adds Phase Sync Support, New Environment

Update: Virtual Desktop Adds Phase Sync Support, New Environment

A new build of Virtual Desktop adds support for Facebook’s Phase Sync technology, which should help reduce latency for both desktop and PC VR streaming.

The update also includes a new environment, pictured below.

virtual desktop new environment

Phase Sync is a frame-timing management technology that Facebook first employed in its Oculus PC SDK. Late last year, Facebook brought the technology to its mobile SDK, allowing Quest developers to add support into their apps and potentially dramatically reduce latency on Quest 2, thanks to the headset’s increased GPU and CPU performance compared to the original Quest.

Implementing Phase Sync means that apps “can finish rendering their frames earlier than planned” resulting in so-called “early frames”, which results in an overall reduction of latency.

In the new version of Virtual Desktop, developer Guy Godin added support for Phase Sync, which should “reduce latency and provide better prediction for desktop and PCVR streaming” and remove the need for an option in Virtual Desktop’s settings.

For more information on how to use Virtual Desktop to stream PC VR content to your Quest, check out our guide. You can also use Facebook’s official solution, Air Link.

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published during a beta release of the new feature and updated to reflect full release of the software.

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