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'Virtual Desktop' Converts Your Entire PC Into A VR Experience

'Virtual Desktop' Converts Your Entire PC Into A VR Experience

Earlier this month we broke the story about Big Screen, an upcoming VR application that lets you use and share your entire desktop in VR. It exists in a unique intersection between desktop streaming apps and social hangout apps, providing a realistic simulation of using your PC in a virtual world with friends. Virtual Desktop on the other hand is only focused on the former: letting you experience the entirety of your PC inside VR without limitations.

Even with the solo experience restriction, Virtual Desktop looks very impressive. The style and presentation do a wonderful job of really making you feel the scale of how large you can make your screen inside the application. According to the Steam page, Virtual Desktop also boasts some impressive features:

  • Hardware accelerated 360 video playback,
  • Ability to play/stream YouTube 360 videos,
  • Browse and view 360 photos,
  • MilkDrop support for music visualization,
  • 3D Side-By-Side video support,
  • Game launcher with voice commands,
  • Multi-monitor,
  • Environment Editor to create custom environments.


virtual desktop screenshot

As a point of emphasis, this isn’t limited to just what’s inside Steam, even though that’s where this application is launched from. You can access any website, any game, any program, or anything else at all. Literally anything your PC could do outside of VR, you can do inside VR, on multiple gigantic screens, in any environment you want.

Virtual Desktop is slated for a March 2016 release on Steam, with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive support.

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