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Virtual Desktop, Rhythm 'N Bullets Add Beta Support For 120Hz On Quest 2

Virtual Desktop, Rhythm 'N Bullets Add Beta Support For 120Hz On Quest 2

Two more apps have added beta support for the Quest 2’s experimental 120Hz refresh rate — Virtual Desktop and App Lab game Rhythm ‘n Bullets.

The latest update to the Quest system software, v28, has begun its gradual roll out to users after being announced last week. The update includes Infinite Office features, Air Link for PC VR wireless streaming, and support for an experimental 120Hz refresh rate for apps that are able to support it.

So far, we’ve seen a few apps come on board but the list get keeps getting bigger. However, there’s one catch — both Virtual Desktop and Rhythm ‘n Bullets have only pushed 120Hz to their beta release channels.

Oculus Store and App Lab apps are able to push separate beta releases which won’t be automatically updated on headsets. Users have to opt into the beta channel by going to the app listing online or on your phone in the Oculus App and clicking on the version number. That will bring up a menu where you can opt into the beta release, which will then download on your device as an update. As with all beta software, it may still be unstable or still a work in progress, so don’t expect perfect performance.

Virtual Desktop’s beta 120Hz update means that you can play your PC VR games wirelessly at 120Hz using the service — something that a wired Oculus Link connection or Oculus’ newly-announced official wireless streaming competitor, Air Link, won’t support in v28. Oculus have said that Link will support 120Hz in a further release, but for now, Virtual Desktop will keep the upper hand in terms of refresh rate.

To try 120Hz on either Virtual Desktop or Rhythm ‘n Bullets, you’ll need to opt into the beta release on their respective store listings. Then, your Quest will need to be updated to v28 and enable 120Hz in the Experimental Features tab of the headset’s settings menu.

Virtual Desktop is available on the Oculus Store and Rhythm ‘n Bullets is available through App Lab.

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