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Virtual Battlegrounds VR Battle Royale Shooter Out Now In Early Access

Virtual Battlegrounds VR Battle Royale Shooter Out Now In Early Access

After getting delayed around a full year, plus a massive overhaul, battle royale VR shooter Virtual Battlegrounds is now finally out in Steam Early Access for $19.99, plus a 15% launch discount.

Virtual Battlegrounds is a VR battle royale first-person shooter that drops players into a large map full of loot, weapons, buildings, vehicles, and more and tasks you with battling it out to be the last person (or team) standing in the middle of an ever-shrinking circle. There are up to 24 people per match. Stylistically it looks very similar to Stand Out and seems to be going for a very heavy PUBG vibe, as noted when the game was first revealed.

One of the main things that Virtual Battlegrounds really hangs its hat on is the physicality of its gameplay. Everything like the guns and ammo magazines appear to be actual physics objects, you can climb structures and objects in the environment to get a better vantage point for fire fights, and even use your arms to physically swim.

Back in 2018 we visited the CyberDream studio to film a short video about their vision for the game, so even though the footage is all outdated, the ideas and philosophy from the interview still carries through. We haven’t played the live version of the game yet, but something like this is going to live and die entirely by how large the playerbase is. So far it’s having a strong showing for launch day, debuting as the #2 best-selling VR-only game on all of Steam, just behind Half-Life: Alyx and just ahead of Beat Saber.

Let us know what you think of the game down in the comments below and keep an eye out for our impressions soon!

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