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Virtual Battlegrounds VR FPS Adds Cosmetic Unlocks And More

Virtual Battlegrounds VR FPS Adds Cosmetic Unlocks And More

Virtual Battlegrounds is slowly starting to add more and more of the features that you’d expect out of a modern battle royale shooter, including unlockable cosmetic skins which were revealed today in the latest trailer that debuted during the UploadVR Showcase: Summer Edition 2020.

In the trailer, embedded above, you can see a collection of gameplay highlights with plenty of news tidbits sprinkled throughout. For starters, Season One will officially be kicking off this week on June 18th.

With the update comes a handful of additions, most prominent of which is the introduction of an unlockable cosmetics system. Unlocking new character skins and clothing is a crucial part of most battle royale games, such as Fortnite, Call of Duty Warzone, and PUBG. Other than Rec Room, which has a limited battle royale-style mode, the other battle royale offerings don’t offer anything comparable that I’m aware of. Although, from what we’ve seen, it looks like the unlockables are just color swaps and different designs for clothing.

In addition to the unlockable cosmetics system, Virtual Battlegrounds is also getting air drops now that will bring loot into the map mid-match for everyone to see and go after, creating flashpoints of combat. There is also a tournament format, but we don’t have many details on that yet.

Watch the entire trailer above, it’s only about a minute long, to see plenty of VR FPS action and for more on the game’s design and inspiration, check out our feature story and video on Virtual Battlegrounds and visit the official website.

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