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VR Battle Royale Shooter Virtual Battlegrounds Launches This March

VR Battle Royale Shooter Virtual Battlegrounds Launches This March

Virtual Battlegrounds, a made-for-VR battle royale shooter, is finally set to officially launch on Steam on March 15th.

Back when we debuted our big feature on Virtual Battlegrounds the VR gaming landscape was a bit different. Battle royale games like Rec Royale and Stand Out were the only real options, but now there are more choices than ever. Stand Out developer also released the Battlefield-esque shooter War Dust, we’ve got Population One fast approaching, and other titles like Contractors, Warzone, Do Or Die, and even the mobile port of Stand Out called Survive.

Suffice it to say that Virtual Battlegrounds certainly has some competition. You can see the tone and level of gameplay they’re aiming for in the launch trailer here:

As of now the main thing that sets Virtual Battlegrounds apart is its focus on offering a wide range of gameplay mechanics from climbing, ziplining, swimming, jumping, crouching, sliding, and more. The map is also quite large with full-body IK and spatial voice chat.

One particular element that I’m pretty excited about is the attachments system so you can actually add things like scopes, silencers, and other modifications, which has always been a staple of PUBG compared to lots of other other non-VR battle royale shooters and has since found its way into recent titles like Apex Legends.

Virtual Battlegrounds officially launches into Early Access on Steam on March 15th and you can visit the Steam page now to add it to your Wishlist as a reminder. It will have support for Rift, Vive, and Windows VR headsets.

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