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Virtex Stadium Partners With Echo VR, Launching Closed Beta Stadium

Virtex Stadium Partners With Echo VR, Launching Closed Beta Stadium

Virtex Stadium is partnering with Meta and Echo VR to bring the live sport experience to virtual reality.

Last year, we wrote about how Virtex Stadium was introducing a virtual venue system that would allow users to attend virtual esports matches in VR stadiums.

At the time, we hadn’t seen the system in action nor did we have confirmation of any compatible titles. However, today Virtex is announcing a closed beta for a new stadium built for Echo VR, allowing users to attend and watch Echo VR matches in VR, just like you would with a real sport.

We still don’t have any footage of the stadium system in action, but we did get a small teaser with a tantalizing look at the arena exterior, embedded above.

Virtex says the stadium is developed in partnership with Ready At Dawn and Meta and will give fans the opportunity to witness every moment of Echo VR’s competitive gameplay.

While it would be amazing to watch Echo VR at full scale as an audience member, the system outlined by Virtex last year would work a bit differently. Games would be displayed as 3D holograms in the center of the stadium space, similar to watching from a kind of isometric view if a game occurring in real-time on the stadium floor.

That being said, last year Virtex also said that viewers would “jump from their seat right into the game map as the match unfolds around them,” so it looks like there are multiple avenues they could take in terms of how to display the Echo VR matches.

Applications to join Virtex Stadium’s closed beta on PC VR are open now via the Virtex Discord channel, with the beta set to start soon.

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