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VR Fitness Experience Viro Move Demo Now Available For PC VR

VR Fitness Experience Viro Move Demo Now Available For PC VR

Viro Move, a new VR fitness experience, now has a downloadable demo on the Steam store for you to try out.

VR workouts are increasingly common – whether it be through dedicated fitness games, boxing simulators, or even just an intense session in Beat Saber or Super Hot. However, Viro Move is a new fitness experience in VR that combines all of the above.

As previously announced, Viro Move has three primary game types, one involving shooting (like Audica), another boxing (like BoxVR), and a third involving slashing à la Beat Saber. However, in the new demo launch trailer, we’ve got our first look at a new mode that will have you quickly switch between shooting targets, boxing and slashing blocks – all in a single level, while getting your blood pumping.

As you can see from the trailer, the way the levels operate looks to be somewhat derivative. That being said, having to quickly switch from slicing to shooting to boxing provides a lot of a variety. The game also look slightly less rhythm-focused since you’ll also have to physically move around a lot more – unlike the occasional wall dodge in Beat Saber, they look much more common – and drastic – in Viro Move.

With these variations from the classic Beat Saber formula, it’s pretty easy to see how you might feel exhausted after a Viro Move session or two. You can view more footage of the game and its different modes on the Viro Move YouTube channel.

The game currently has no release date, but you can download the demo now for the Index, Rift, Windows MR and HTC Vive on Steam. While the demo is just for PC VR, the full game will also be available on PSVR and Oculus Quest.

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