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Vertigo 2 PSVR 2 Release Possible, Developer 'Gently Turned Down' Meta

Vertigo 2 PSVR 2 Release Possible, Developer 'Gently Turned Down' Meta

Developer Zach Tsiakalis-Brown says he "would love" to bring Vertigo 2 to PSVR 2, while he remains "pretty committed" to not working with Meta.

Vertigo 2 released last month and was easily one of the best PC VR experiences of the last few years. The game is available on SteamVR only with no confirmed releases on other platforms such as Quest or PSVR 2.

Vertigo 2 Review: Creative & Engaging SteamVR Experience
Vertigo 2 offers a PC VR experience that is constantly creative and undeniably engaging.

In an interview with UploadVR, we asked Tsiakalis-Brown about the potential of a Vertigo 2 release on PSVR 2. He confirmed he's had conversations with Sony and it's "definitely possible", but there's no definitive plans:

"I'm really interested in [Vertigo 2 on PSVR 2]. I've talked with Sony a little bit about getting a partnership going. So no concrete plans, but I would love for that to happen and I think it's definitely possible it'll happen."

We also asked Tsiakalis-Brown whether Meta tried to get Vertigo 2 on Quest and whether he had any discussions with Meta during development. Tsiakalis-Brown says Meta reached out to inquire about setting up a "conversation," but the developer "gently turned them down":

"I don't think they've ever asked me directly [about bringing Vertigo 2 to Quest]. I've had several Meta people reach out and be like, “Hey, are you interested in a conversation?” And I've just kinda gently turned them down, because I'm pretty committed to not working with Meta.
I like PC VR more. I don't want to be scaling back my vision for mobile VR, and that’s part of why I decided to keep it PC-only."

Tsiakalis-Brown went on to say that he's "not a staunch mobile VR hater" and while experiences like Alyx or Vertigo 2 can't run standalone on a Quest, there's still plenty of "engaging and good VR experiences" on standalone platforms.

He also said that it would be "very nice to have some more processing power" in standalone headsets and "it would also be nice if Meta was not the biggest player" in the standalone market.

Keep an eye out for our full feature interview with Tsiakalis-Brown later this week, exploring how he brought Vertigo 2 to life as a sole developer over six years.

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