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Vertigo 2 Level Editor Now Available In Open Beta

Vertigo 2 screenshot

A Vertigo 2 level editor is now available in "very early" open beta, accessible through a sandbox beta branch on Steam.

Note: This article was updated with a new headline and lede on May 4, reflecting the open beta launch. The original piece with minor adjustments, published April 20, continues below.

The level editor, which supports Steam Workshop, introduces an immersive in-VR editor, allowing you to place various game elements and design a unique Vertigo 2 map using VR controllers. You can see this in action in the clip embedded above, which Tsiakalis-Brown posted to Twitter.

The clip shows how players will be able to dynamically arrange maps in-VR using existing assets from the Vertigo 2 campaign, including aesthetic items but also interactive ones as well, such as the bouncy lily pads that launch players from one area to another.

Speaking to UploadVR in an upcoming interview, Tsiakalis-Brown confirmed that the level editor should be finished "probably in the next month or two" and likened it to the editor included in Vertigo Remastered's sandbox DLC. Tsiakalis-Brown also noted that players will be able to set up some basic level logic in editor "to make some interesting sequences."

It will arrive as a free update for Vertigo 2, with support for Steam Workshop so that players can easily share their creations and play levels made by the community.

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