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Vermillion Available Now For PC VR, Coming To Quest Q1 2022

Vermillion Available Now For PC VR, Coming To Quest Q1 2022

Oil painting application Vermillion is now available on Steam for PC VR, with a Quest launched lined up for next year.

After only previously setting a release window for this summer, the developer behind Vermillion, Thomas van den Berge, confirmed to UploadVR that the app released this week and should be available for PC VR players via Steam now.

Even better, the developer also confirmed that it’s now also set for an official release on Quest via the Oculus Store. However, you’ll have to wait a bit longer for that — the Quest version isn’t set to launch until Q1 2022.

When we wrote about Vermillion back in May, we talked about how it was aiming to be a realistic oil painting simulator for VR. It has traditional analog color mixing, so you can mix paints just like real life, and support for an integrated web browser, so you can pull up reference images or instructions while you work. There’s even a canvas projector, so you can trace your reference images onto the canvas as you go.

The app can also simulate wet-on-wet paint, which lets you move colors around and blur strokes after you’ve painted them onto the canvas. Now that we’ve tried a number of different painting apps, it looks like Vermillion is the one that’s trying to get as close to real life as possible when it comes to oil painting.

Vermillion is available now on Steam for PC VR, at a promotional price of $17.99 (10% off regular price of $19.99) until August 2. The app will launch on Oculus Quest in Q1 2022, but until then you can check out Brushwork VR and Painting VR.

Note: this article was updated a few hours after publication to swap the embedded video from the reveal trailer to the newer release trailer. 

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