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Ven VR Adventure Devs Show Quest 2 Footage, Waiting For Oculus Approval

Ven VR Adventure Devs Show Quest 2 Footage, Waiting For Oculus Approval

The developers behind VR platformer Ven VR Adventure showed off some new footage of the game running on Quest 2 this week and gave an update on release timing — it’s not too far off.

The footage shared on Reddit was only short at 11 seconds long, but displayed use of dynamic shadows. Shadows are a common performance hog across any gaming system, and so to see a game running dynamic shadows on Quest 2 is impressive.

“Direct gameplay from Oculus Quest 2 where we are able to use dynamic shadows!” said the developers in their post title on Reddit. “Full game is ready for QA so we are waiting for final approval from Oculus. Stay tuned, because it’s gonna be great!”

On the Ven VR Adventure Discord server, the developers gave a bit more information, stating that with the game in QA and now pending approval from Oculus, the estimate release is in Q3 of this year — so sometime between July and September.

Ven VR Adventure released for Oculus Rift on the Oculus Store back in December last year. In our review, we found it to be a solid platformer, if maybe one that didn’t necessarily have to be in a VR format. Here’s an excerpt of what Jamie had to say:

Ven doesn’t have the intimate connection of Moss nor the constant innovation of Astro Bot, but it stands its ground as a rock-solid platformer that serves up a rewarding, if occasionally unbalanced challenge. It is, admittedly, nice to have something to play inside VR that can lean back on the tried and true mechanics of a third person platformer and, while I can’t help wishing Monologic had done more to justify why its familiar foundations had to be in a headset, I’d be lying if I didn’t say I found its taxing campaign a moreish treat. 

You can read the full review here.

Ven VR Adventure is available for Oculus Rift now and is expected to release on the Quest platform in Q3 2021.

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