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Varjo XR-3 And VR-3 Headsets Now Shipping Worldwide

Varjo XR-3 And VR-3 Headsets Now Shipping Worldwide

Varjo announced that its XR-3 and VR-3 virtual and mixed reality headsets are now shipping worldwide.

The enterprise-level headsets, announced late last year, includes automatic IPD adjustment, eye tracking and foveated rendering. They have an inside-out tracking solution, while also being compatible with SteamVR base stations, as well as Ultraleap hand tracking support. The display is a dual resolution “bionic” display which has a “Focus area (27° x 27°) at 70 PPD uOLED, 1920 x 1920 px per eye” with a “Peripheral area at over 30 PPD LCD, 2880 x 2720 px per eye.”

The XR-3 has some specific mixed reality features as well, such as a LiDAR depth scanner and stereo RGB video passthrough running at 90Hz.

The headsets launched last year but are now shipping worldwide. However, they’re only available to enterprise customers for a hefty price starting at around $3000 for the VR-3 and going up to just under $5500 for the XR-3 model with the added mixed reality capabilities. You can read more about the complete specs available on both headsets over on the announcement post from last December.

Varjo also announced that it is now part of Unity’s Verified Solutions Partner program, which means that the new Varjo headsets are guaranteed compatibility with Unity. The headsets are also compatible with other major engines and platforms, such as Unreal, Lockheed Martin Prepar3d, VBS BlueIG and FlightSafety Vital.

The Varjo XR-1, which preceded the XR-3 (there was never an XR-2 headset), was considered a success by the company and helped them raise another $54 million in funding midway through last year. The XR-1 was a pricier option, coming in at $10,000 — a good $4,500 above the price of the new XR-3.

The XR-3 and the VR-3 are now shipping worldwide and available to purchase at an enterprise level for $5,496 and $3,195 respectively.

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