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Top Oculus Quest App Passes 1000 Ratings After Just Two Weeks

Top Oculus Quest App Passes 1000 Ratings After Just Two Weeks

Oculus Quest exclusive experience Vader Immortal: Episode I has surpassed 1000 user ratings after just two weeks of the device’s release.

vader immortal ratings

Oculus Quest is a $399 all-in-one standalone VR headset. That means it doesn’t require or use a computer. Think of it as the first wireless room scale VR console.

Why is 100 ratings significant? The top rated app on Rift is Robo Recall, with 6000 reviews. Robo Recall was released in early 2017. It was given for free to every Rift user who ever bought the Oculus Touch controllers, and even today is one of the platform’s most popular singleplayer action titles.

For a $10 paid app on Quest to have already gotten 1/6th of the ratings seems to indicate the Quest is selling rather quickly.

Of course, this doesn’t tell us anything about the actual sales figures of Quest. The relation between the number of people who rate an app to all those who bought it varies wildly based on the product.

Even though Quest has two separate storage SKUs on Amazon, those SKUs have held the top two positions in the PC Virtual Reality Headsets section of Amazon for weeks. Why it’s in the PC category we’re not sure, but it’s another suggestion that the headset is selling well compared to actual PC VR devices.

In January of this year, the Oculus Android app passed 1 million installs. The Oculus app is required to set up the Oculus Quest and Go, and can be used to install apps on them as well as manage settings. It can also be used to browse the Rift store and remotely install games to your PC.

At Oculus Connect 5 Mark Zuckerberg claimed that 10 million users per headset (Rift, Quest, and Go) would be the point at which the VR ecosystem would be self sustaining. But before that medium term goal is reached, Facebook’s VR headsets will first need to reach 10 million users combined. When the Oculus Android app hits 5 million users, assuming the userbase on iOS (which does not report installs) is similar, that should bring the total to roughly that milestone.

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