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Upload LIVE Show Weekly Recap: 10/30/16

Upload LIVE Show Weekly Recap: 10/30/16

Every week, we are Live at Five on Facebook to show you all the latest and greatest VR experiences that we can get our hands on. Every show is shot using a green screen and an HTC Vive in the Mixed Reality mode to give you the best angles to watch.

This week was Halloween so we kicked it off with fun Unicorn and Green Man costumes, followed by an amazing VR painting lesson from Danny Bittman, and finished it by getting an exclusive look to HTC Vive game ‘Cowbots and Aliens’. Here’s a full recap of what’s been going on LIVE in the Upload Mixed Reality Studio in San Francisco.

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Monday – Halloween in Sword Master VR

Floating head gladiator Az Balabanian is joined by his wonderful trustee Unicorn Elizabeth Scott to battle the knights of hell in Sword Master VR for a special Halloween show. Since the video is shot on a green screen stage, Az’s green man suit blends in and makes him look totally invisible!

Tuesday – Tilt Brush Technique : Danny Bittman

Carrying the Tilt Brush Tuesdays tradition, we had Danny Bittman in from magical studio in Wisconsin to show us his creation in a collaborative Tilt Brush painting for the Doctor Strange Trailer. He talks about the best tips and tricks to be a better artist in Tilt Brush. Using the .obj import/export tools, he created his own library of assets to speed up his painting process!

Friday – Cowbots and Aliens Interview and Gameplay

Filling in for Az, Will Mason talks on the stage as a Robot Cowboy in the new Cowbots and Aliensinterviewing the Wizard Games developers and jumping into a free-for-all match against teenagers playing at the Australia PAX demo booth. Madness!

What’s next? You Decide!

You decide what games we should play next! Let us know in the comments below!
Tuesday ELECTION SPECIAL 5 PM PST – Whack a Vote: Hammering the Polls

Want to us to feature your game on our live shows? Send us a build of your game to test it in Mixed Reality! Pre-requirements: HTC Vive / Unity

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