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Until You Fall To Receive New Content Update Next Week

Until You Fall To Receive New Content Update Next Week

Sword fighting combat VR game Until You Fall is set to receive a big new content update next week, adding new enemies, new areas to explore and some overall improvements to the game.

Until You Fall was released into early access in August for PC VR headsets, with a full release expected in 2020. While David withheld final judgement in his Early Access review of the game, given it’s early access state, he did note that the visuals were “on point” and the rogue-lite elements add replayability, along with the weapons and augmentations. That being said, he also felt it was “a bit shallow overall” and he was looking forward to seeing what was added next.

Thankfully, it seems that the team at Schell Games were just getting starting with the initial release in August. With this new update, set to drop on November 14, “players will finally be able to complete the Shattered Woods campaign … With all-new environments, mysterious encounters, and combat music, they will be able to enter the Industrial Outskirts and experience their final encounter with the Aether Horror.”

The update also includes new enemies, unleashed on the civilization of Rokar. Players who defeat the final boss of the Shattered Woods can also acquire a pair of new punching daggers, called the Twin Katars.

Schell Games also listed some quality of life improvements coming to the update, including “dodging improvements, stabbing improvements, dash damage balance updates, as well as seated mode range adjustments.”

Until You Fall is available for PC VR on Steam and the Oculus Store. The game is expected to leave early access in 2020, and will see a Quest and PlayStation VR release at some point in the future as well.

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