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Until You Fall Calls For A Champion Once More On PSVR 2

Until You Fall psvr 2 screensho

Until You Fall, the VR sword-fighting roguelite from Schell Games, receives a new-gen upgrade on PSVR 2.

First released in 2020, Until You Fall sees you tackling repeat dungeon runs of a dungeon, blocking telegraphed strikes and attacking weak points. Featuring "enhanced graphics" and new localization options for nine languages, the PSVR 2 port also supports two-handed weapons. However, there's no crossbuy support for anyone who owns the original PSVR version and it requires a separate purchase.

We recommended Schell Games' roguelike in our Until You Fall review in 2020. Though we thought the combat had "unfortunate quirks", we considered it a "cut above the competition."

Until You Fall is nothing less than a pitch-perfect breakdown of the best roguelike games, reassembled with VR in mind. The genre’s staple elements feel wholly refreshed by swapping out fast fingers for realistic movements, and the foundation of upgradable gear, new weapons and different loadouts encourages you to return again and again.

Until You Fall is available now on PSVR 2 for $24.99, and it was previously released on PC VR, Quest and PSVR.

Until You Fall Review: An Effortlessly Cool Roguelike
Now available in full on PSVR and Quest, how does Schell Games’ latest hold up? Find out in our Until You Fall review! If every VR game came to a party, Until You Fall would be the one we’d all want to hang out with. Surprising, given developer Schell

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