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Anotherway Teases More Content & Music For Unplugged

Anotherway Teases More Content & Music For Unplugged

“I would be very excited about Unplugged, if I knew what was going to happen.”

That’s what Anotherway director and Unplugged creator Ricardo Acosta told us in a snippet from our upcoming feature piece detailing the story of Unplugged’s development.

When I asked about Unplugged’s short and long-term future, Acosta revealed few specifics but teased a lot to come. Hot off the reveal of the Pantera DLC pack at the Upload VR Showcase, Ricardo hinted at more releases in the future. “We are working to add more music all the time. We want to add free music [as well], not just DLC. Also, I want to add more indie music because I think that there is a lot of really good indie music out there.”

In the short term, Unplugged will soon receive an accessibility update, adding features that will allow more players to enjoy the game, such as settings to help distinguish notes easier for color blind players. There’s also “another thing” coming in that update, but Acosta kept his lips sealed, only teasing that it’s “really big.” The title is published by Vertigo Games and stands as a stellar example of what’s possible with gameplay tuned for hand tracking input, with big plans over the long term.

“I cannot talk too much about it because Vertigo will kill me, but our plans are very big,” he said. “Unplugged is going to become bigger, at least in terms of features…I would be very excited about Unplugged if I knew what’s going to happen. Probably like in a year, Unplugged will be very different. It will have way more stuff. That’s it. That’s all I can say.”

What are you hoping comes to Unplugged in the next year? Let us know in the comments and keep an eye out for our full feature and video interview with Acosta this weekend.

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