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Time Crisis Inspired VR Shooter 'Under Cover' Reaches Quest In February

Under Cover VR screenshot

Under Cover brings a new Time Crisis-inspired lightgun VR FPS to Quest next year.

Created by Thunderful Group and Coatsink, Under Cover's premise takes direct inspiration from 90s shooter. As Red or Mag, you play as two undercover agents with little sense of subtlety, taking down the evil Infidyne organization who've begin implanting V-Chips in people’s brains.


Promising a 5-6 hour campaign in either solo play or co-op, Under Cover sees chain kills reward you with higher scores. Just like older lightgun shooters, the "CoVR" system involves ducking to reload. You can see gameplay in action above.

Under Cover VR arrives on February 15, 2024 on the Meta Quest platform.

Notice: A previous version of this article included erroneous information provided by the publisher, stating Under Cover features New Game+, a Roguelike Mode and leaderboards. This was updated on December 7, 2023.

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