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Ultrawings 2 DLC Adds New Plane And Air Races On Quest 2 And PC VR

Ultrawings 2 DLC Adds New Plane And Air Races On Quest 2 And PC VR

Bit Planet Games recently launched the first paid DLC pack for Ultrawings 2, bringing new air races and missions to its VR flight game. 

The ‘The Kodiak Air Racer’ DLC introduces a unique plane to Ultrawings 2. Described as a fast and heavy vehicle, Bit Planet Games calls the Kodiak “our take on the Bearcat racing variant from yesteryear.” Available now for $4.99, the DLC also includes air races exclusive to the Kodiak, “challenging Touch and Gos,” and hot balloon popping.

Detailed further in a developer post, Bit Planet Games confirmed it’s also introduced “other under-the-hood QoL improvements,” such as unlocking the aircraft upgrades once you’ve purchased every airport in the game. According to Bit Planet, this should makes combat a little easier for those who found it challenging. 

We had strong praise for Ultrawings 2 in our review in February, praising its improvements over the original Ultrawings. Labeling it an essential game, we believe it’s “the exact kind of VR sequel we’ve been hoping for, building upon the original’s modest beginnings with a massive increase in scope and variety whilst retaining its air-tight controls and level design.”  

Ultrawings 2 is available now on the Meta Quest platform for $24.99, alongside PC VR via Steam and Rift. The Kodiak Air Racer DLC costs $4.99 on Quest and Rift. When queried about a Steam release on Twitter, Bit Planet Games advised there was “nothing to announce at this moment.”

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